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posted on 19 Oct 2013 02:08 by mayluxe
I'm May.
Study History major at Bhurapha university so lovely place to living.
I like to read a lot but read about kind of book I like but everytime when I read study book I always fall as sleep.
I like to write because when I write is feel better from everything can make me down , I like to write at english because I'm shy lol really shy in Thia word it have so many word to use not same like english just littel word haaaa , I'm not good at english but I'm try to practice.
I'm like to travel a lot really like myself when I'm going somewhere. I'm also a backpacker too.
"Explore • Love • Journey • Adventure • Nature • Living in the momen " that all word can explain myself.
And music is my slod too because i'm always heartbroken lol!  love is something to understand for me haa. 
So welcome to my life , really life lol.